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2024 New Year Dayi shi

New Year's message from Venerable Dayi Shi:

As we bid farewell to 2023, let us embrace 2024 with a serene mind.

Adversity is the whetstone that sharpens our will; setback is the stepping stone to greater resilience. Only through adversities and setbacks can one truly appreciate the meaning of achievement.

Life's circumstances hold no distinction between good or bad. Fortune relies on misfortune, but likewise, misfortune hides within fortune. Our intrinsic wisdom and clarity will comprehend the true source of all notions. Time passes continuously, as with the impermanence of all things.

Accept the myriad of things which life brings, without being critical or demanding. Go with the flow, and face everything with an open and tranquil mind.

Free from a bickering mind, the heart stays joyful. Free from a discriminating mind, the heart stays happy.

Make peace with the circumstances, and your heart will be filled with content.

Happy New Year!



磨難是磨礪意志的磨刀石,挫折是愈挫愈勇的進階台! 唯有經歷過磨難和挫折,方能懂得成功的意義!

人生的境遇並無好壞之別,禍兮福所倚,福兮禍所伏。 自性的清明、智慧,才是一切意念的本源。 日月經年,世事無常。 所有的一切,我們應坦然接受,不苛求、不強求,一切隨緣,以一顆恬然淡定的心,泰然處之。

無計較心,心常愉悅;無分別之心,心常歡樂。 盡心之餘,隨緣起止,隨遇而安,心常滿足!


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