A Bowl of Noodles 一碗素麵

A Bowl of Noodles 


That day, the girl next door had an argument with her mother again. In a fit of rage, she turned around and ran out.

那天, 鄰家的少女又跟媽媽吵架了, 一氣之下, 她轉身向外跑去。

After a long walk, she felt hungry when she saw a noodle stall in front of her. She searched all over her pockets but could not even find a coin. She forgot to bring her purse.

她走了很長時間, 看到前面有個賣麵的大牌檔, 這才感覺到肚子餓了。可是, 她摸遍了身上的口袋,連一個硬幣也沒。

The owner of the noodle stall is a very kind old lady. When she saw the girl standing there, she asked, "Child, would you like something to eat?" "But, but I, but I forgot to bring money." She replied somewhat embarrassedly. "It's okay, I'll treat you this time."

大牌檔的主人是個很和藹的老婆婆。她看到女孩站在那裏, 就問:「孩子,你是不是要吃東西?」「可是, 可是我, 可是我忘了帶錢。 」她有些不好意思地回答。「沒關係, 我請你吃。」

The old lady brought a bowl of noodles and a side dish. The girl was full of gratitude, and as soon as she ate a few mouthfuls, tears fell into the bowl. "What's the matter with you?" the old lady asked with concern. "I'm fine, I'm just grateful!" She wiped her tears and said to the old lady, "We don't know each other, but you are so good and cook noodles for me. As for my mother, when I argued with her, she kicked me out."

老婆婆端來一碗麵和一碟小菜。她滿懷感激, 剛吃了幾口, 眼淚就掉了下來, 紛紛落在碗裏。「你怎麼了?」老婆婆關切地問。「我沒事, 我只是很感激!」她忙擦眼淚, 對老婆婆說:「我們不認識, 而你卻對我那麼好, 願意煮麵給我吃。 可是我媽媽, 我跟她吵架, 她竟然把我趕出來。」

The old lady calmly said, "Child, why do you think so? I just cooked a bowl of noodles for you, and you are so grateful to me." Your mother has cooked for you for more than ten years, how can you not appreciate her? Why are you arguing with her?"

老婆婆聽了, 平靜地說道: 孩子, 你怎麼會這麼想呢? 我只不過煮了一碗麵給你吃, 你就這麽感激我。那你媽媽煮了十多年的飯給你吃, 你怎麼會不感激她呢? 你怎麼還要跟她吵架?」

The girl was stunned.


She finished her noodles quickly and started to make her way home. When she was close to the house, she saw her exhausted mother looking around on the side of the road.... When her mother saw her, her face was full of joy: "Come quickly, the meal is ready, the food will be cold if you come back late. "

她匆匆地吃完了麵, 開始往家走去。當她走到家門口附近時, 就看到疲憊不堪的母親正在路邊四處張望…….母親看到她, 臉上立即露出了喜色:「趕快過來吧, 飯早就做好了, 你再不回來吃, 菜都要涼了!」

At this moment, the girl's tears began to fall again!

這時, 少女的眼淚又開始掉了下來!

Very often, we are so thankful to a little favor by others, but always take it for granted for all the kind gestures that our loved ones do for us without showing our gratitude and appreciation.  We should always be grateful that we are in the midst of blessings.

有時候, 我們會對別人給予的一點恩惠「感激不盡」, 對親人一輩子的恩情卻當作是應份的, 好像是自己天生的權利一樣, 有時真有點「身在福中不知福」呢 !