Cherish Your Blessings 知福、惜福

Cherish Your Blessings


Once upon a time, there was a king who was depressed all day long, so he sent his minister to seek for ways to happiness.  One day, upon arriving at a poor village, he heard a farmer singing happily.


The minister asked the farmer: “Are you happy?”

大臣問農夫: 你很快樂嗎?

The farmer replied: “I have not been unhappy for even a day.”

農夫回答: 我沒有一天不快樂。

The minister asked again: “Have you ever had an unhappy moment?”

大臣又問: 你可曾有過不快樂的時刻?

The farmer replied: “Once I was unhappy because I have no shoes to wear, until one day I met a man in the street with no feet at all.”

農夫答道: 我曾因為沒有鞋子而不快樂,直到有一天我在街上遇到一個沒有腳的人。

In life, when there is happiness, there are also unhappy moments. One of the most common reason is that something is unsatisfactory, or things go against one's wishes. When there is a gap between reality and one's own expectations, people may become very unhappy and even distressed. Buddhism identifies this feeling of unhappiness as “suffering of not getting what one wants”.


To counteract the “suffering of not getting what one wants”, Buddhism has taught us to cherish our blessings, appreciate everything we have including our careers and lives. This way we will not be led by our endless desire and become unhappy and not at ease.