Gratefulness and Sense of Gratitude 感恩、報恩

Gratefulness and Sense of Gratitude


In ancient India, a minister accompanied the emperor to hunt in the mountains. Accidentally, the emperor's hand was cut by a tree branch and bled a lot. The emperor was very angry, and the minister persuaded: “My lord, it may not be a bad thing to be hurt and bleed.”  When the emperor heard this, he was furious, and sent the minister away. At this moment, a tribe of barbarian saw the emperor, so they caught him as a sacrifice. Just as the barbarians were about to cut the emperor’s stomach, they saw the emperor's bleeding hand and felt that the sacrifice was imperfect, so they let the emperor go. After returning to the palace, the emperor told the minister about his experience and apologized to his minister: “I just scolded you away. You won’t be annoyed with me, do you? ” The minister replied: “Not only do I not hate you, I am grateful to you. If you hadn't sent me away, I would have been caught as a sacrifice to worship their deities!”


Those who have succeeded are those who have overcome all difficulties.  “How can one smells the scent of the plum blossom without experiencing the icy cold frost ?  ” Adversity in life is our best teacher, if we can be grateful for adversity, we will be able to learn from sufferings and obtain complete liberation. Therefore, we should be grateful to those who hurt us and those who do not understand us.  It is because of these people and circumstances that we become more courageous, open-minded, with greater embracing capabilities.