Phenomena is a Reflection of the Mind 境由心生

Phenomena is a Reflection of the Mind


Su Dong Po, a famous scholar in Sung dynasty was closely associated with Zen Master Fo Yin.  They often discussed Buddhism together.  One day,  Su Dong Po asked Zen Master Fo Yin : "What am I in your eyes ?" Zen Master replied, "I see you as a Buddha !" Su Dong Po was very pleased, and Zen Master Fo Yin asked : "Then what do you think of me ?" Su Dong Po wanted to tease him and said : "I see you as a pile of dung." Master Fo Yin smiled and did not answer back.  Su Dong Po felt that he had taken advantage of Fo Yin and went home to tell his sister about the incident. But his sister laughed at him and said : “Brother, you are such a loser !  What you see is a direct reflection of your mind.  Zen Master Fo Yin has a mindset of a Buddha, thus he sees you as a Buddha; and if you perceives him as a pile of dung, it means that your mind is filled with dung !"


If we have Buddha in our mind, we see everyone as Buddha.  Through practising Buddhism with meditation, prostration, reading a sutra, chanting a mantra, invocating a single Buddha’s name, practising all good deeds, and embracing all good and bad things around us, we can recover our pure state of mind.  No matter where we are, when or what happens, our mind will be at peace.  This way we will perceive the people we meet, and the circumstances we encounter to be pure, peaceful and beautiful.  Ultimately, we can end our sufferings and attain blissfulness.