Eighty-eight Buddhas Great Repentance – English 禮佛大懺悔文 – 英文版

Eighty-eight Buddhas Great Repentance - English 禮佛大懺悔文- 英文版

Chapter: Opening Scripture

O, Most Merciful and Compassionate One, pity all beings.
With great joy and abandonment, succor those with Vijnana.
To the one with noble features and radiance for self-adornment,
We the congregation, wholeheartedly take refuge and pay homage.
We take refuge in all Buddhas everywhere throughout all space.
We take refuge in all Dharmas everywhere throughout all space.
We take refuge in all the holy sanghas everywhere throughout all space.
Blessed be Tathagata Arahat Samyak Sambuddha
Vidyacarana Sampanna Sugata Lokavid
Annutara Purusa-damya-sarathi Sasta deva-manusyanam Buddha Lokanatha.

Chapter: Eighty-eight Buddhas' Names

Blessed be Samantprabha Buddha.
Blessed be Samantprabhasa Buddha.
Blessed be Samantavimala Buddha.
Blessed be Tamalapattracandanagandha Buddha.
Blessed be Candanaprabha Buddha.
Blessed be Manipataka Buddha.
Blessed be Nandagarbha Maniratnakuta Buddha.
Blessed be All-in-the-world-Glad-to-See Supreme-Zeal Buddha.
Blessed be Manipataka Dipaprabha Buddha.
Blessed be Wisdom-Torch-Shines Buddha.
Blessed be Sea-Virtue-Bright Buddha.
Blessed be Diamond-Strong-Univerally-Dispense-Gold-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Great-Strong-Zealous-Bold-Fierce Buddha.
Blessed be Great-Passionate-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Mercy-Power-King Buddha.
Blessed be Mercy-Storage Buddha.
Blessed be Candana-Cave-Adornment-Excels Buddha.
Blessed be Sage-Virtue-Top Buddha.
Blessed be Good-Will Buddha.
Blessed be Extensively-Adorned-King Buddha.
Blessed be Gold-blossom-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Precious-Canopy-Shine-Space-Sovereign-Power Buddha.
Blessed be Void-Space Precious-Blossom-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Crystal-Adornment-King Buddha.
Blessed be Universal-Manifest-Form-Entity-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Non-Moving-Wisdom-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Subdue-All-the-Devils Buddha.
Blessed be Talent-Light-Bright Buddha.
Blessed be Wisdom-Excels Buddha.
Blessed be Maitreya-Immortal-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Virtuous-Calm-Moon-Sound-Wonder-Wizard Buddha.
Blessed be World-Pure-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Dragon-Seed-Upward Honoured-King Buddha.
Blessed be Sun-Moon-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Sun-Moon-Pearl-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Wisdom-Pennant-Victory-King Buddha.
Blessed be Lion-Roars-Sovereign-Power-King Buddha.
Blessed be Wonderful-Voice-Excels Buddha.
Blessed be Permanent-Light-Pennant Buddha.
Blessed be Perceive-World-Lamp Buddha.
Blessed be Wisdom-Majesty-Lamp-King Buddha.
Blessed be Dharma-Victory-King Buddha.
Blessed be Sumeru-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Sumana-Blossom-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Udumbara-Blossom-Extra-Excellence-King Buddha.
Blessed be Great-Wisdom-Power-King Buddha.
Blessed be Aksobhya-Delight-in-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Countless-Voices-King Buddha.
Blessed be Talent-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Gold-Sea-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Mountain-Sea-Wisdom-Sovereign-Magic-King Buddha.
Blessed be Great-Magic-Light Buddha.
Blessed be All-Dharma-Always-Fulfilled-King Buddha.
Blessed be Sakyamuni Buddha.
Blessed be Diamond-Indestructible Buddha.
Blessed be Precious-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Dragon-Honour-King Buddha.
Blessed be Zealous-Army Buddha.
Blessed be Zeal-Delight Buddha.
Blessed be Precious-Fire Buddha.
Blessed be Precious-Moon-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Manifest-No-Fool Buddha.
Blessed be Precious-Moon Buddha.
Blessed be No-Filth on Buddha.
Blessed be Rid-of-Filth Buddha.
Blessed be Courage-Donate Buddha.
Blessed be Pure-Clean Buddha.
Blessed be Pure-Clean-Donate Buddha.
Blessed be So-Liu-Na Buddha.
Blessed be Water-Sky Buddha.
Blessed be Firm-Virtue Buddha.
Blessed be Candana-Merit-Virtue Buddha.
Blessed be Immeasurable-Scooped-Light Buddha.
Blessed be Light-Virtue Buddha.
Blessed be No-Worry-Virtue Buddha.
Blessed be Narayana Buddha.
Blessed be Merit-Virtue-Blossom Buddha.
Blessed be Lotus-Blossom-Light-Play-Magic Buddha.
Blessed be Wealth-Merit-Virtue Buddha.
Blessed be Virtue-Contemplation Buddha.
Blessed be Good-Fame-Named-Merit-Virtue Buddha.
Blessed be Red-flame-Imperial-Banner-King Buddha.
Blessed be Virtuous-Wander-Step-Merit-Virtue Buddha.
Blessed be Fight-War-Victory Buddha.
Blessed be Virtuous-Wander-Step Buddha.
Blessed be Full-Lap-Adornment-Merit-Virtue Buddha.
Blessed be Precious-Blossom-Wander-Step Buddha.
Blessed be Precious-Lotus-Well-Dwell-in-Sala-Tree-King Buddha.
Blessed be Entity-in-Dharmadhatu Amita Buddha.
Chapter: Repentance Verses

All those Buddhas in all worlds, the World Honored Ones, ever dwelling. May all those World Honored Ones have merciful consideration for me. For, in this existence of mine or in my previous existence, in Samasra since time without beginning. For all sins, whether committed by myself or by others whom I ordered or viewed with connivance. For articles belonging to Stupas or to Sanghas everywhere stolen by myself or by others whom I ordered or viewed with connivance. For the five unpardonable offences whether committed by myself or by others whom I ordered or viewed with connivance. For all of the ten evil deeds, whether committed by myself or by others whom I ordered or viewed with connivance. For all those sins, whether covered and hidden or open and obvious, which deserved transmigration into hells, hungry ghosts, animals, and such evil paths of existence as well as into mean borderlands and such places like Mleccha (barbarian, heathen frontiers). For all those sins committed I now remorsefully repent. Now, may all Buddhas, the World Honored Ones, witness and remember me. And, before all Buddhas, the World Honored Ones, I say these words: If, in this life of mine, or in the rest of my existence, I did some almsgiving and offering, or kept the holy precepts, or even as much as gave to an animal only a morsel of food, or practised pure cultivation - all these virtuous roots, and those for developing all beings and for cultivating Bodhi, and those good roots generated from unexcelled wisdom, combined altogether, reckoned and measured, are all offered up as Parunamana (transference) towards Anuttara Samyak Sambodhi. As all the Buddhas in the past, at present and in the future did the Parinamana. I am, likewise, doing the same. May the repentance of all sins, the sharing of all blessings and the merit of pleading to Buddhas all contribute to the achievement of unexcelled wisdom. In all Buddhas past, present and future, the best among beings, with unfathomable merits and virtures, I now take refuge:
Chapter: Gatha of Dedication

To all those who were, are and will be in all worlds everywhere, the Perceptive teacher in the past, at present and in the future.
By my pure and clean physical, oral and mental actions, I now pay homage, all embracing and none missing.
With the help of the supernatural power of Samantabhadra's vows, I manifest myself simultaneously before all the Tathagatas.
This single body of mine, in turn, manifests in innumerable bodies, each and every one of which pays homeage to innumerable Buddhas.
In one grain of dust there exist as many Buddhas as all dust grains, and in places where there are congregations of Bodhisattvas.
As well as in the dust grains in the endless Dharmadhatus, it is firmly believed that all are filled with Buddhas.
I vow to praise each of them with all kinds of voices and sounds, invariably uttering endless and wonderful words and speeches.
And, throughout all the future kalpas yet to come, to prise Buddhas' very deep sea of merits and virtues.
The most exquisite and wonderful garlands of flowers, performance, music, ointment, incense, umbrellas and canopies.
As such the most exquisite ornament and adornment -- with all of these, I mow make offerings to all Tathagatas.
The most exquisite clothes and the most exquisite incenses, powdered incense, burning incense, lights and candles.
Each of which heaps as high as the Sumeru Mountains -- with all of these, I now make offerings to all Tathagatas.
I, with a broad, deep, extraordinary, understanding mind, firmly believe in all Buddhas in the past, present and future.
And, with all the power of Samantabhadra's practices and vows, now make general all-embracing offerings to all Tathagatas.
All the evil Karmas which I created in bygone days, resulted from avarice, hatred and ignorance since time without beginning.
And manifested physically, orally or mentally; thus for all these karmas I now remorsefully repent.
All sentient beings in all places -- Svarakas and Pratyeka-buddhas, Saiksas and Asaiksas.
As well as all the Buddhas and all the Bodhisattvas, together with all their merits and virtues -- I rejoice in and follow.
To all the torch-bearers in the worlds in all directions, who were the first to achieve Bodhi.
I now extend an all-embracing plea and ask all of them to turn the unexcelled, wonderful wheels of Dharma.
Whenever the Buddhas set their minds on attainment of Nirvana, I will, with the utmost sincerity, beg and entreat them to stay.
For I firmly wish them to stay for as many kalpas as dust grains, for the benefit and rejoicing of all sentient beings.
All this worship and these praises and offerings to the Buddhas, and the plea to the Buddhas asking them to turn the Dharma wheels.
And all the good roots of rejoicing in others and of repentence -- all are offered up in the Parinamana for sentient beings and for Bodhi.
I wish to have these extraordinary merits and virtues, offered up in Parinamana for the unexcelled genuine Dharmadhatu.
Nature, its phenomenal expression, Buddhas, Dharma and Sangha, Mundane and Buddhist doctrines blended harmoniously, Samadhi seal.
And all such unfathomable seas of merits and virtues, I now offer all of them up in Parinamana without reservation.
May all sentient beings' physical, oral and mental karmas, their incorrect views, doubts, sneers and slenders of our Dharma, and
all karmic obstructions such as the above, be completely eliminated without even a trace.
Instant by instant wisdom shall prevail in the Dharmadhatu to enlighten all beings so that they will never suffer retrogression.
Even if the vast emptiness of space be exhausted, and sentient beings and their karma and kleshas be exhausted.
As immense and limitless as the four things mentioned above, may the present Parinamana never be exhaused.
Blessed be the Greatest-Achievement Boddhisattva Samanrabhadra.
Blessed be the Greatest-Achievement Boddhisattva Samanrabhadra.
Blessed be the Greatest-Achievement Boddhisattva Samanrabhadra.