22) The Floor Tiles in the Main Buddha Hall 供奉大殿内地磚

22) The Floor Tiles in The Main Buddha Hall


During the Buddha's era in Sravasti, Elder Sudatta paved Prince Jeta's cherished private garden with golden bricks, dedicating it to Buddha and the Sangha.

The Main Buddha Hall, central to the temple complex, serves as the gathering place for sangha members during morning and evening services. At the Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden in Canada, the Main Buddha Hall is adorned with specially crafted glazed bricks that are both refined and durable, exuding a radiant beauty. The floor tiles are smooth, providing a cooling effect in summer and warmth in winter.

Sponsorship to the Floor Tile Project in the Main Hall is invited.
Sponsorship is each tile $500 CAD. You are welcomed to sponsor one or more tiles.

We encourage everyone to participate eagerly. Your donation in this meritorious endeavor will leave a legacy. Each tile you donate will carry the merits of all the Sangha and pilgrims to Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden who come to pay homage to the Buddha.

According to the Sutra of Bodhisattva Ksitigarbha: "If there are virtuous men or women practicing within the teachings of Buddha, cultivating good roots through acts of charity, renovating temples, restoring old texts of scriptures, even offering as little as a single hair or speck of dust, or a grain of sand or a drop of water, these virtuous deeds, when dedicated to their own family or personal benefit, will result in three lifetimes of happiness. Giving up even a small amount brings forth unlimited rewards.”

在佛陀時期, 在舍衛城中,有須達多長者用金磚鋪祇陀太子心愛的私家花園,供養給佛陀與僧團。



捐贈功德將萬古流芳,您所捐贈的每一塊地磚上都將承載上所有到五台山僧眾,朝山拜佛人的功德 。


To Donate please contact 捐款詳情請洽:

Cham Shan Temple Front Desk 加拿大佛教會湛山精舍 香油台

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Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden Front Desk 加國五台山 香油台

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