14) Paving the Bodhi Paths 修建菩提大道

Sponsorship for Paving Bodhi Path


Paving roads is to accumulate good fortune. Roads are the paths towards one's destination. When you help pave a road for others, your good act will bring you a perfect and fulfilled life in return, will ensure that in future you will be helped by others, even miraculously, when you need a hand. Venerable Dayi Shi taught us that paving a road is a way to build one's life path and overcome obstacles in life.

The "Bodhi Path", currently under construction in Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden in Canada, runs from the main entrance of the Garden to the Main Buddha Hall and the Manjusri Bodhisattvas in the five directions. It is the main pathway for every visitor of Wutai Shan. This means that your sponsorship in paving the "Bodhi Path" will beget immense merits from the tens of thousands of visitors who pay tribute to the Buddha at Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden.

The 6-kilometre Bodhi Path is now under construction. Elder Master Sing Hung and Venerable Dayi Shi are leading the team, rain or shine, to complete the foundation projects and related facilities of the Bodhi Path within a year (please refer to specifications below). Now is the opportunity for everyone to accumulate good fortune, cultivate wisdom and pave one's life path.

Please do not miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to generate unfathomable merits. Merits of constructing Wutai Shan will last for tens of thousands of years.

Paving the Bodhi Path together to benefit future generations
Merits of constructing Wutai Shan will last for tens of thousands of years
功在千秋萬載流芳共建加國五台山 造福後世子孫共築菩提路福澤綿長

Sponsorship of paving the Bodhi Path of Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden
in Canada is invited for the following categories: $5,000 CAD per meter, either individually or in a group (maximum 5 names; each name is limited to a space of 5 Chinese characters)
加拿大佛教五台山「菩提大道」每一米5000加元, 可以獨姓捐助或5個人合捐(共計5個名字,每個名字不超過5個字)

Maitreya Avenue: Main Entrance —Maitreya Buddha; Width: 60m,
Length: 255m

1st Bodhi Avenue: Maitreya Buddha—Life-liberation Pond (fish pond);
Width: 6m, Length: 633m
菩提一路:彌勒佛--放生池(魚塘)-- 前廣,6米寬,633米長

2nd Bodhi Avenue: Life-liberation Pond—Front Square; Width: 6m
(Roundabout pathway within the Square is 12-meter wide); Length: 518m

3rd Bodhi Avenue: Front Square—Main Dharma Hall (left side);
Width: 6m, Length: 695m

5th Bodhi Avenue: Peak—Front Square of the Four Heavenly Kings Hall (right side of the Main Dharma Hall); Width: 6m, Length: 695m

Wisdom Lake Avenue: Width: 6m, Length: 1355m

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Square Road: Width: 6m, Length: 208m

North Platform Road: Width: 6m, Length: 329m

West Platform Road: Width: 6m, Length: 447m

South Platform Road: Width: 6m, Length: 607m
南台路: 6米寬,607米長

East Platform Road: Width: 6m, Length: 609m
東台路: 6米寬,609米長

Central PlatformRoad: Width: 6m, Length: 542m
中台路: 6米寬,542米長

To Donate please contact 捐款詳情請洽:

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