19) Sponsorship for 18 Arhat 供奉在湛山精舍十八羅漢石像

Sponsorship for 18 Arhat (Luohan) Stone-carved Statues


“Free from All Afflictions, Achieved Nirvana without the Cycle of Rebirth.”
除盡煩惱 了脫生死

The original 3 definitions of being Arhat are: no rebirth, dharma protector, can receive offerings. These meanings are expanded as follows:

1. Able to assist all beings to end the cycle of rebirth and reach nirvana
2. Able to protect and assist all beings to end all afflictions
3. Able to accept worship and offerings from all beings
二、 可以幫人不再受輪回之苦
三、 可以接受天地間人天供養

The 18 Arhats were the original disciples of Sakyamuni Buddha who had attained the four stages of enlightenment and freed from the cycle of rebirth.
Prior to the Buddha reaching nirvana, he instructed the 18 Arhats to spread the Buddhadharma throughout the world and perform good deeds to help others. Even though they were freed from the cycle or rebirth, they remained on earth to continue their cultivation, assisting all beings under the right condition, forging a close connection with everyone.

Cham Shan Temple is offering sponsorships for all the stone-carved Arhat statues which had been worshipped for decades outside the Kṣitigarbha Hall and the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Hall.

Sponsorship (permanent): CAD $5,800 each statue, with 1 to 10 donor names inscribed on each statue.

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