08) Ten Thousand Buddhas 萬佛聖像

Ten Thousand Buddhas


10,000 Buddha statues are to be venerated in the Main Buddha Hall of Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden in Canada. It
symbolizes that the birth of one Buddha is supported by tens of thousands of Buddhas. It also means that the Buddhanature is inherent in every beings.
Sponsorship is CAD $600 for each Buddha statue. The funds raised do not only support the construction of a Manjusri shrine, but also help in enhancing the grandeur of the Hall. Your donation will bring merits and blessings to thousands of generations.

萬佛聖像供奉於加國五台山大雄寶殿內,其意義代表一佛出世,萬佛護持。同時也表達了人人皆有佛性之義理。每尊聖像供奉功德金加幣$600元,其善款不但可以幫助建設文殊道場,同事還能莊嚴殿堂,可謂一舉多得功不唐捐, 留芳萬世。

The Buddha told us that making Buddha statues is the most meritorious deed. It helps to eradicate negative karmic
offences, gain virtues and blessings, facilitate enlightenment for self and others. The merits it brings are inconceivable.

佛陀告訴我們,造像功德,不可思議, 可以消除罪障,增長福德。能令自他解脫,成就菩提, 諸善業中造像功德是為最上。

To Donate please contact 捐款詳情請洽:

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