Protect and Release Lives Sermon 溫哥華福慧寺放生法會開示

Protect and Release Lives Ceremony Sermon


Lives Protect Sermon 放生救贖生命開示

Date:  June 19th, 2022


Place: Fu Hui Temple (Vancouver, BC)

地點: 溫哥華福慧寺

Event: Ceremony to Protect and Release Lives

活動: 放生救贖生命法會

Lives Protect Sermon 放生救贖生命開示

Lives Protect Sermon 放生救贖生命開示


On June 19, 2022, the President of The Buddhist Association of Canada, Abbot of Cham Shan & Fu Hui Temples led sangha and laities to gather at Plaza of Nations Dock in Vancouver, in protecting and releasing of livestock.
Venerable Dayi Shi advised us that one can eradicate the unintentionally karma of killing from the past through the action of releasing of lives.
He taught by giving an analogy. Cutting a tree in Canada without a permit is a violation of the Tree Preservation By-law and is subject to a penalty of planting six trees in order to make up for the offense.
This analogy also applies to our live releasing activity today, where we are making up for the karma of killing from our past. Furthermore, we should also vow not to engage into further killing from now onwards.
In order to embrace the true meaning of releasing lives, Venerable Dayi emphasizes that one should
engaged in three states of mind, namely “tranquility”, “mindfulness” and “blissfulness”.

Lives Protect Sermon 放生救贖生命開示
Through the activity of releasing lives, hosted by Cham Shan and Fu Hui Temple, we advocate the concept of protection of lives, especially during the critical moments when they are about to be
slaughtered. Releasing of lives, through one’s monetary donation and physical efforts, is a format to eradicate the numerous karmic offenses we have once committed.

Way of Practice:

Through the Buddhist ceremony of protecting and releasing of lives, the teaching of compassion and loving kindness is realized. By upholding this practice, to eradicate our past karmic offenses, we repent with guilt and vowed not to commit such evil actions in the future.


This is also an indirect remedy to combat our stubborn illness, often caused by our past killing actions.
One can gain blessing and longevity through the virtuous act of releasing lives, according to the Law of Causation, as taught by the Buddha. Although physically exhausted, everyone felt the joy and peace in their mind as the “Releasing of Lives” activity wraps up.

Lives Protect Sermon 放生救贖生命開示



Lives Protect Sermon 放生救贖生命開示



Lives Protect Sermon 放生救贖生命開示