Buddhist Funeral Services 佛教往生服務

Buddhist Funeral Services


In Buddhism, the core of the faith is the belief in the cycle of life, reincarnation, good deeds and enlightenment. Death is a transition from this life to the next. Death is also a significance for the survivors, serving as a reminder of the Buddha’s teaching on impermanence as well as providing an opportunity to assist the deceased in their future life.


Buddhist beliefs

Buddhists believe in reincarnation, death is a natural part of the cycle of life, and how a Buddhist acts throughout their life will determine their future lives, through reincarnation.

For many Buddhists, the ultimate goal is to liberate themselves from the cycle of death and rebirth so they can reach the state of nirvana. To do this, they must rid themselves of basic desires and all notions of self, ultimately attaining supreme enlightenment.




After death it is believed that the deceased will be reborn into one of six realms, depending on their karma:


  • Gods realm (DEVA) 天道
  • Human realm (MANUSYA) 人道
  • Demi-god realm (ASURA) 阿修羅道
  • Animal realm (TIRYAGYONI) 餓鬼道
  • Hungry ghosts (PRETA) 畜生道
  • Hell realm (NARAKA) 地獄道

Buddhist funeral rites

Buddhist tradition suggests that death should occur in a calm and peaceful environment, with close friends and family in attendance. Together they should reflect on the good deeds the dying person has done throughout their life, in the hopes it will help them in their next reincarnation. Additionally, family and friends can perform good deeds (such as following a vegetarian diet without alcohol consumption and refrain from killing within the 49th days after the death of the deceased) on behalf of them, which they believe will be of merit to the deceased.



Once the person has passed away, their body should not be touched, moved or disturbed for at least four hours. This is because Buddhists believe that consciousness does not depart from the body immediately, but rather does so over a period of time.


The Cham Shan Temple (headquarter of Wu Tai Shan Buddhist Garden) offers solemn Buddhist Funeral Service to families who would like to provide it to their deceased loved ones.  The families and/or the deceased do not have to be Buddhists but should be respectful to the Buddhist faith.


To book a Buddhist Memorial Service, please contact the temple reception

phone: (905) 886-6481 or

email: info@thebuddhistgarden.com