Entering a Buddhist Hall 進入大殿

Entering a Buddhist Hall 進入大殿的禮儀

When entering the main hall of the temple, please use side entrances.  If no side entrance is available, please lean closer to the left or right sides of the doorway, instead of walking through the center. This gesture symbolizes deep reverence for the Buddha.


When entering the shrine room, a Buddhist practitioner may do three prostrations facing the statue, or make a short bow with hands folded. This is done as a symbol of the surrender of oneself and the desire to benefit all beings.


Proper Posture 注意威儀

Do not stand with the arms akimbo in the presence of others. Do not sit with the legs outstretched, as this is a sign of disrespect, and of course, lying down shows great discourtesy.


Avoid sneezing, sniffling, blowing your nose, coughing, or clearing your throat too loudly when in a meditation hall, so that you do not disturb others.


Keeping a Serene Environment保持安静

Remain quiet when visiting temples. Conversation should be kept to a minimum in and around the temple, as practitioners often meditate or chant in this environment.