Miracle One 靈泉湖的由來

Discovery of Wisdom Lake



Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden is beautiful with lovely rolling hills, but Elder Master Sing Hung felt it lacked a water feature, so a site was chosen for Ven. Dayi Shi to arrange to have a lily pond built. An Italian contractor named Peter was hired and began the excavation. One day while he was working alone, he heard a loud “Stop!” in English out of nowhere. He got off his excavator to investigate, and discovered that the path ahead was actually a swamp. If he had not stopped in time, he and his machinery would have sunk into the swamp, with no one else onsite to help him. Further surprise awaited him when he saw a bubbling stream of water gushed out from where he was excavating, revealing a hidden underground springhead. Subsequent nearby excavations revealed 2 more underground springheads, and thus the beautiful Wisdom Lake was formed, with an approximate dimension of 3.5 meters deep, 70 meters wide and 600 meters long. This lake is named after the site patron Bodhisattva Manjusri with his blessing of wisdom.