West Platform Manjusri Bodhisattva 西臺獅子文殊師利菩薩

The Five Platforms of Manjusri Bodhisattva 五臺

3. West Platform Manjusri Bodhisattva 西臺獅子文殊師利菩薩

Consecration Ceremony 開光: TBA 待定
Statue Net Height 銅像淨高度:9.99米
Platform Overall Height 含臺總高度: 13米
Raw Material 原材料: Bronze 青銅
Statue Surface 銅像表面: Gilding 貼金
Manufacturer 製造商: Luoyang Copper (Group) Co., Ltd. 中國洛陽銅加工集團
Made In 原產地: China 中國
Transportation : By sea over a month 超過一個月的海上運輸
Cargos 貨運: 6 containers 6個貨櫃
Delivered On 運抵日期: 2017-3-29
From design to complete installation 設計至圓滿安座: over 5 years 五年多
Assembly Artisans From China 中國組裝技師: 16
Donor 捐贈者: Venerable Master Miao Jiang from Mount Wutai in China 中國五台山妙江長老
Cost Contributor 捐資者: Chamshan's long-term patron, Mr. Huang Chu Long 湛山大護法黃楚龍
Contribution Amount 捐款金額: 15.6 million RMB 1,560萬人民幣

Offering to the West Platform Manjusri Bodhisattva : Promote successful career path, prosperity in business development and increase in financial resources.

Wutai Shan 路標

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