The Bliss & Longevity Twin Pagodas 福壽雙塔

The Bliss & Longevity Twin Pagodas


Amituofo! Hello everyone. Welcome to Canada’s Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden. The Bliss & Longevity Twin Pagodas is located beside Wisdom Lake.

The Jade Belt Bridge stretches east to west across Wisdom Lake, with the Bliss & Longevity Twin Pagodas mirroring each other at a distance. The reflection of the pagodas in the lake, along with the beautiful greenery of the surrounding mountains, creates a peaceful and joyous atmosphere.

The Bliss & Longevity Twin Pagodas are stone pagodas situated 200 metres apart from each other, designed in the style of a more traditional wooden tower pagoda. They are 5 metres tall and made out of high-quality granite. These hexagon-shaped pagodas have upturned eaves and a total of twelve layers, creating a majestic display.

The base of the pagoda (representing Mount Sumeru) has recessed sides with relief carvings depicting the story of Shakyamuni Buddha’s enlightenment. Each carving expresses a different emotional state, and showcases extraordinary craftsmanship, smooth joints, and outstanding creativity. They are magnificent pieces of art.

The pagoda’s body gradually tapers upwards, leading to a lotus-shaped platform with seven concentric rings. The top of the pagoda is decorated with a jewel-shaped ornament, earning it the name “The Jewelled Crown Pagoda.”

The Bliss & Longevity Twin Pagodas have a deeply profound significance in Buddhism. As many are aware, "Perfect in Understanding and Conduct" is one of the ten titles of Shakyamuni Buddha. The Buddha’s ten titles are: Tathāgata, Arhat, Completely Enlightened, Perfect in Understanding and Conduct, Well-Departed, Knower of the World, Unsurpassed, Tamer of Humans, Teacher of Gods and Humans, and The Buddha Bhagavat. “Perfect in Understanding and Conduct” refers to the perfection of both wisdom and virtue, meaning that everything has now been perfected.

Seeing the Bliss & Longevity Twin Pagodas reminds us that in our Buddhist practice, we must cultivate both wisdom and virtue. We can’t just focus on one aspect. Complete happiness and longevity can only be attained through cultivating both.

The Bliss & Longevity Twin Pagodas at Wutai Shan not only have a vibrant and charming appearance, with exquisite and rustic stone carvings, but they have also been meticulously designed to have strong earthquake and hurricane resistance.

The stone beams of the pagoda are attached using a mortise and tenon joint, connecting the base of the pagoda to its walls, and greatly enhancing its stability. The walls are made out of finely-carved granite blocks, stacked in an interlocking pattern, ensuring structural durability. With a solid foundation and a base that adheres to the laws of motion, these pagodas can withstand earthquakes and hurricanes, remaining firmly by Wisdom Lake for years to come.






所以看到福壽雙塔就要提醒自己,學佛一定要福慧雙修 ,不能光修一種。只有福慧雙修,才能福壽雙全!