Sermon on the birthday of the God of Fortune 正月初五財神生日的開示

Sermon on the birthday of the God of Fortune



Date:  Jan 26th, 2023


Place: Cham Shan Temple

地點: 湛山精舍

Event: Dharma Service on birthday of God of Fortune




“Today is the 5th day in the Lunar New Year, also known as the birthday of the God of Fortune.  This is the perfect opportunity for us to seek blessings for our families and loved ones with a sincere, joyful and grateful attitude.   As a new beginning, it is our New Year’s resolution to maintain oral, physical and spiritual purity.

Being mindful orally, physically and spiritually, by maintaining a positive mindset, carrying out good actions and offering kind dialogues, blessings will come your way along with wealth and prosperity.”