20230530 Wisdom Lotus Lights Illuminate WuTai Shan Buddhist Garden in Canada 智慧光明蓮花燈 照亮加國五台山


Wisdom Lotus Lights Illuminate WuTai Shan Buddhist Garden in Canada

智慧光明蓮花燈 照亮加國五台山

On May 30, 2023, the “Purification Ceremony for the Illumination of WuTai Shan Buddhist Garden” was presided by Venerable Dayi Shi, the President of The Buddhist Association of Canada, Abbot of Cham Shan Temple. This Dharma assembly is dedicated for the smooth installation of the Golden Lotus Light Poles Lanterns as well as the early completion of Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden in Canada.


Thank you for the continuous support of our patrons and sponsors from all walks over the past
decade, the initial phase of Wutai Shan Buddhist Garden’s development is within reach and
scheduled to open to the public in the later part of 2023.


Indeed, Wutai Shan is considered the abode of Bodhisattva Manjusri, the embodiment of transcendental wisdom in Buddhism. This sacred mountain is often referred to as the “Golden Realm of Wutai Shan”. The inspiration of the golden lotus lights originates from the Buddhist parable of the “Emerging Golden Lotus”. The golden lotus symbolizes the emergency of enlightenment from the depth of samsara, signifying the radiance of the Buddha’s teachings illuminating all sentient beings.

因五台山為大智文殊師利菩薩駐錫道場, 稱 “五台山金色世界”, 靈感來自佛教中 “地湧金蓮” 的典故. 蓮花從地湧出,喻意佛光普照。

Since the official launch of the “Wisdom Lotus Light” project, generous donations have poured in from followers and devotees from all directions. The fundraising project for the light poles, available in two sizes, have reached the halfway mark. The 6m tall golden lotus lights will be installed along the Bodhi Pathway, illuminating the path for pilgrims, brightening the spiritual journey of the mankind, as well as enlightening the life journey of you and your family. The 3.5m golden lotus lights will be installed at the five platforms of Wutai Shan, shining over Bodhisattva Manjusri in the Five Directions as well as the Wisdom Lake, spreading their lights in all directions and purifying the surroundings.

自五台山 “智慧光明燈” 正式開放功德捐獻以來,也得到了十方信眾佛子的熱切反響和踴躍助捐,兩種規格共計500盞燈的功德募捐現已完成一半:6米高金色蓮花燈,安裝在五台山菩提大道,照亮來山朝聖人的道路,也能照亮大眾的心路,為自己和家人照亮人生的道路;3.5米高金色蓮花燈:安裝在五台山五個台,遍照五方文殊菩薩和靈泉湖。

The golden lotus lights are custom designed to incorporate the use of Super Capacity Energy Storage module. These lights can capture natural lights during the day, harnessing its energy, and storing it for illumination during low-light conditions. This ensures energy conservation, while maintaining a sustainable and eco-friendly approach.

金色蓮花燈引入由超容儲能係統(Super capacity energy storage module)定制的超容光儲一體燈,可全天捕捉自然光,節能環保。

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