Public Visitation 守夜儀式

Public Visitation 守夜儀式

Upon Sangha members entering into the hall of service, all attendants please rise and face towards the central aisle, in Gassho position by placing the hands, palms together, in the “prayer” or “praying hands” pose to respect the arrival of the Venerable Masters.

恭請師父們到達儀式: 倆邊大眾一齊起立,面向中間通道, 合掌恭迎師父們。

Venerable Masters lead the incense offering, follow by the eldest son, to the Three Jewels (Buddhas, Dharma and Sangha) and the deceased.


After the Venerable Masters take their seat, family of the deceased and all other attendants are to be seated. The chanting session shall commence now.


Reciting the “Incense Praise”.

Purpose: In Buddhist recitations, in order to express praise to the Buddha and Bodhisattva and the extraordinary teachings of the Buddha, traditional ceremonies will start off with “Incense Praise” to express respect.



Reciting the Diamond Sutra.

Purpose:  By reciting of the Sutra and the Buddha’s name, the merit will guide and persuade the ancestors to let go of all conditions (such as love, hatred, happiness, unhappiness, etc.) from his previous life, according to what the Buddha taught in Sutra, and reborn in the Pure Land.            


要意:認先人聞得經文,佛號, 依佛所說萬緣放下, 往生西方極樂世界。

After the completion of reciting, everyone follows the masters to dedicate the merits to the deceased.

Purpose:  By dedicating the merits of recitation of sutras, mantras, verses and Buddha’s names to the deceased, we pray that our ancestor will let go of all attachments and seek rebirth in the Pure Land.



意義:願以所持誦之經文,經咒, 佛號,迴向給亡者, 消除業障,離苦得樂, 同生西方極樂國。

家人各持一支香向先人 敬香。注:家人亦可以待表其他沒有出席的親人敬香。

Each family member pays respect to the deceased by offering an incense stick. Note: Family members can represent other absent relatives to offer incense also.

After offering incense, the vigil ceremony is completed. Please follow and accompany the Venerable Master to exit the hall in Gassho position.

家人各持一支香向先人 敬香。注:家人亦可以待表其他沒有出席的親人敬香。


Note: The rundown above is based on a deceased parent with kids/grandkids and for reference only. It may subject to change due to special request from family, the actual number of family members attended, environment, time available, weather, gathering hall layout and arrangement by the funeral director.


It is our temple’s intention to guide the families of the deceased and all attendees in the funeral service to understand and respect Buddhist funeral rituals and its principles behind. Through the participation in a solemn Buddhist funeral ceremony, we are expressing our gratitude, respect and loving kindness towards the deceased.


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