Szechuan Vegetable Rolls 川味豆卷

Szechuan Vegetable Rolls


Ingredients 材料:

Bean sprouts, 1 lb; red carrots, 1 stick 綠豆芽 1磅,紅蘿蔔1條
Pai yeh tofu, 4 sheets 千張(又稱百葉)4張
Minced coriander, small amount 香菜末 少許

Sesame sauce 醬料:

Sesame paste and water, 1 tablespoon each   芝蔴醬、水 各1湯匙
Soya sauce paste and sugar, 1 tablespoon each; Chinese vinegar, sesame oil and chili oil, 1 teaspoon each; ground peppercorn, ½ teaspoon   醬油膏、糖 各1湯匙,醋、蔴油、辣油各1茶匙,花椒粉1/2茶匙

Cooking Method 做法:

  1. Wash bean sprouts, red carrots and shred the red carrots. Blanch the bean sprouts and red carrots in boiling water for 30 seconds, rinse with cold water, squeeze excess water to dry and divide into 4 portions.
  2. Put each portion of the blanched vegetables on top of a Pai Yeh Tofu and roll it up as spring roll, sealing the opening with flour paste.
  3. Heat 1 tablespoon oil in a flat bottom wok, fry the rolled packets until golden color. Remove and cut into smaller portions.  Serve on a platter with sesame sauce.

**Sesame sauce : mix all sauces, lastly add in the minced coriander .