Watercress Wontons 西洋菜雲吞

Watercress Wontons


Ingredients 材料:

Wonton wraps, 1 package   雲吞皮 1 盒
Watercress, 3 bunches   西洋菜 3 札
Flavoured soya bean curd, 1 piece, minced   香豆干(切碎) 1 塊
Carrot, small amount, minced   紅蘿蔔(切碎) 少許

Seasoning 調味料:

Sesame oil, 1 tablespoon   麻油 1 湯匙
Salt, 2 teaspoons   鹽 2 茶匙
White pepper, small amount   白胡椒粉 少許

Cooking Method 做法:

  1. Preparing wonton filling 餡料:
    Place washed watercress in boiling water until water re-boils, drain with cold water, finely chop them up and squeeze water out till dry. Combine watercress with minced flavoured soya bean curd, minced carrot and all seasonings.  Mix well.
  1. Preparing wontons 包法:
    Place a teaspoon of wonton filling in the centre of a wonton wrap, fold the wonton wrap in half to create a rectangle. Grasp the bottom corners of the rectangle (the filling side, not the seam side), and dab one of the corners with a little water.  Bring the two corners together and squeeze to seal.
  1. Cooking wontons 煮法:
    Boil the wontons in water until they float to the surface, pour in 1 cup of cold water, and boil until they float to the surface again. Scoop them out to serve.